Help! I need a lawyer...

Key to the success of Just Add Purpose is the way we connect with other organisations supporting nonprofits, charities and startups. So one of our first calls was to Not-for-Profit Law at Justice Connect. They are a valuable organisation providing legal advice, education and self-help resources for Australian charities and not-for-profits.

An important part of establishing and running a nonprofit is getting the legals right. While Just Add Purpose Mentors can ‘pilot our Startups through the channels to reach the open seas of sustainability’, we do this by connecting with the many resources that already exist. We link to these organisations and refer where we can and have no intention of trying to duplicate their specialist knowledge.

Not-for-Profit law - as well as training and online resources - can also access free legal advice for ‘organisations that help marginalised or disadvantaged members of the community or to people living in rural, regional or remote locations in Australia; or organisations that act for the public good.’

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