Job or Entrepreneur?

Sometimes it's good to have a job and work for other people and other organizations, and sometimes it's good to be a startup and an entrepreneur.

Our experience has been that you do different things at different times in your life, so people who say they could never work for a boss or a board or in a company don't miss out then on all the experience that you get from that place, from learning from others, learning how to cooperate with other people, learning how bureaucracies work; getting money to pay the rent and the mortgage, the kids' school fees, the money that you need to feel comfortable in your life without feeling risked and threatened.

And then other times you need to be out on the edge, stepping out, taking the risks, going to places and doing things that nobody else is doing, because you believe they're really important things to do and you want to go and do them, and you want to do them for yourself and be your own boss and bring people along with you but not be told by people who don't get what you want to do how to do what they think you should do.

So ‘different roles’ at ‘different times’ for ‘different people’; working in more places gives you tremendous experience.

We're looking now for board members who want to help these startups and support them, but not get in their away.