Our Mentors


Our Mentors are experienced managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. They have been successful in the nonprofit, commercial or government sectors. Like the startups, the mentors are all ages and backgrounds. They love good process, and they love walking beside people with big dreams to ensure the 't's are crossed and the 'i's are dotted. 

While our mentors are volunteers they are not 'free labour'. The startup still needs to do the work (it is their nonprofit!), but the mentor sets up the plan, gives advice, guides and encourages.

They want to be part of the amazing journey from startup to sustainable nonprofit. They have been on that journey themselves. Now they want to give back. They are patient, experienced, and encouraging. They can also be firm.

Matched with a Startup, our Mentors map out a Startup Success Plan, allocate tasks, and stay connected through the partnership. The formal relationship usually lasts for 6 months (but the magic might go on for years.)

Just Add Purpose provides the selected mentors with resources, training, guidance and encouragement.

Mentors are rewarded through the success of their startups. We reimburse reasonable expenses.

If you want to make a difference, please go to justaddpurposeportal.org.au and complete the application form for Mentors.