Our Startups


Nonprofits are started by all sorts of people, of all ages and backgrounds. They are passionate about a huge range of causes and interests. They believe that no-one else is solving the problem that they want to solve as well as they intend to solve it. But they soon get caught up with raising money, awareness and support.  They need to gather program resources, premises, volunteers and staff.

Just Add Purpose is there to walk through the critically important - and often overlooked - compliance, governance, regulatory and financial infrastructure that always needs to be built.

• Constitution and Objects
• Incorporation
•ACNC registration
•Tax status
•Board procedures

Without a sound foundation, all the dreams are at risk.

They want to establish a nonprofit and possibly a charity. [They want to meet Fair Trading. ACNC, ASIC, ATO or ORIC requirements.]

They have limited resources. [They can't afford to pay an administrator to set them up.]

They are willing to work in partnership with our Mentor, take advice, give feedback and be realistic. [They are eager to learn, and are grateful.]

They have support, including at least 5 people who will be committee members. [Depending on their Constitution. They want to be compliant.]

Our Startups are a small group of people who want to solve a problem they believe is not currently being met. [No one else is solving this problem.]

There is no fee to the Startup in the program, and our Mentors are volunteers.

If you would like join our mentored Startups, please go to justaddpurposeportal.org.au and complete the application form for Startups.

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We offer an Express Lane service for Funders, Donors, Supporters and Regulators who want us to design a particular service for a Startup either as a matter of urgency, or where the Startup and its board have particular circumstances requiring a customised service. Contact myoung@justaddpurpose.org.au